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Sülldorfer Brooksweg 88
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Telefon: 0176 624 53 541
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Aktuelle Ausstellung:

von 01.05.21 bis 29.05.21

Heidi Barnstorf, Marta Falomir, Bea Garding-Schubert, Irena Kurkova, Miriam Smidt, Detlev Wieteck : LOVE & OTHER STORIES


Our third group show of 2021 is focusing a more delicate subject: the love theme.

Although we have our own views on the general concept of love, we still cannot grasp its dimensions fully. While love is widely being considered a feeling coming from the heart, science considers neurological, chemical and psychological processes to be involved here. This controverse between ratio and emotion is a widely overlooked topic in popular portrayal and perceptions of love.

Six gallery artists are taking on the challenge of exploring this subject from an artistic point of view. The show is running from May 1st through May 29th on Artsy and in our online viewing rooms on Kunstmatrix. Follow the link on our website


15.03.21 - 15.04.21

Ea Bodin, Gabriele Huesgen, Susanne Kirsch, Steffi Moellers, Torge Steffens, Corinne Vogel : FAST FORWARD


01.02.21 - 28.02.21

Alexandra Huelbach, Monika Kovatsch, Marija Nikolic : BLACK X WHITE