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Aktuelle Ausstellung:

von 15.03.21 bis 15.04.21

Ea Bodin, Gabriele Huesgen, Susanne Kirsch, Steffi Moellers, Torge Steffens, Corinne Vogel : FAST FORWARD


Our second group show of 2021 is about the most discussed theme of the past twelve months: the Corona pandemic. Each of us has experienced this difficult time in quite different ways. The crisis brought with it many changes, restrictions, ups & downs. We have been confronted with a whole new world, new life, new rules. A stressful time which unfolded rapidly and left marks – sometimes even bruises. 

We have had good and bad days. We had to cope with anxiety, distress, existential fears. We have stopped working and then felt the urge to create again – to bring out our feelings on the canvas, to heal, to give hope, to spread a glimpse of light.

Now, above all, we ask ourselves how long this unusual situation will go on. We are longing for a normal life, for meeting friends, for going out, for traveling, for being joyful and happy. Big smiles instead of masks, hugs and spontaneity instead confinement and restrictions. What are our dreams and...


01.02.21 - 28.02.21

Alexandra Huelbach, Monika Kovatsch, Marija Nikolic : BLACK X WHITE