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The exhibition by Heike Baltruweit and René Kühl shows unusual views of their everyday environment and allows visitors to experience art in a new dimension. Through Augmented Reality (AR)*, the real world merges with the virtual world: the abstract compositions "dissolve" and make their place of origin or their relation to painted works visible.

Heike Baltruweit sees her surroundings as a natural exhibition space and exhibits her photographs, which often seem to be painted, completely unprocessed. She finds the abstract aesthetic compositions in reflections in water, on weathered concrete walls, on dilapidated pavement and in disused factory buildings. The compositions of her photographs evoke associations with fine art or graphics. They show that many forms and representation techniques invented by artists can also be found photographically in the real world. Reflections of people on a plastic tarpaulin evoke associations with squeegee pictures by Gerhard Richter; reflections in water are reminiscent of swimming pool pictures by David Hockney.

René Kühl lives and works in Hamburg. The working processes, his photos, sculptures and mixed media artworks start with a conceptual approach. In his photos he captures very precise moments of minimalist banality. At the beginning he realizes his ideas three-dimensionally as sculpture. Through repetition, the capture of movement (such as smoke or liquid), moments that are almost invisible to us are captured in the picture. The colouring of the photos supports the clarity of the compositions and lets them radiate a special atmosphere.

In addition, works by Jill Ann Press, Will Barras, Inka Uzoma and Robert Laß will be shown.

*Augmented Reality (AR) stands for extended reality

Heike Baltruweit / René Kühl

Ceci n'est pas …
15.02.20  -  18.04.20